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Learn what to do if you experience an auto collision in Halifax



When you need collision repairs in Halifax and throughout the HRM, trust the experienced professionals at Wolf Collision Ltd. Whether your vehicle has experienced minor damage or requires extensive repairs, we will work with your insurance provider to schedule, inspect and repair your car or truck and return it to its pre-accident condition.

Examples of Our Work


We take pride in providing collision work of consistent quality for every customer. Regardless of what type of damage your car has sustained or how extensive it may be, we guarantee that our work will be of the highest caliber and adhere strictly to the I-Car® Gold Class standards. Below are only a very few examples of the work that we do.

Before and After

We Use Only Environmentally Friendly Paint


As one of the first Collision Centres in Atlantic Canada to use waterborne paint, Wolf Collision Ltd. uses and recommends Glasurit® 90-Line paint finishes in our repairs. Launched in 1992, Glasurit® 90-Line is recognized as the best waterborne basecoat system available today and is the paint of choice for use on ultra-luxury vehicles such as Maybach and Rolls Royce.


Glasurit® 90-Line meets the most stringent VOC regulations in the world and provides a 50% reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions compared to solvent-borne systems. Over a 5-year span a typical body shop using 90-Line waterborne will emit about a ton less GHG than a solvent-borne system.

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